All going really well with the training and we have had some real tangible outcomes. The training is informing our staff in best practice , we have some very interesting project work as an outcome with actual efficiencies across our business. Not only intangible but tangible also, we have some of our people looking at waste, usage of resources, storage of items only used occasionally and we have some amazing things happening.

Let me know when you want to catch up. I am sure Andrew can share some of the workshop material with you where our staff have investigated Value Stream Mapping and such like for our specific business. The training has been highly tailored for the needs of Hamilton Island and our logistics team are actually leading cultural change in our organisation.

Eileen Lockett
Learning and Development Manager


16th September 2013

Kreative Kaizen Pty Ltd
Andrew Church,
Principle Consultant

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to provide this endorsement of Kreative Kaizen services.

Expanda Van Homes specialise in building re-locatable homes which are unique, fast, easy and great value for money. Our homes are built with quality construction and built to last with steel and aluminium frame, and insulated vinyl cladding. We help to provide an affordable, quick and easy solution to the alternative housing needs of Australians young and old, anywhere, any time. Our aim is to build a quality brand that is known for providing a superior product and service at an unbeatable price. We want to be able to build 350 homes a year by 2015 and grow to 3,000 homes per year by 2018.

Kreative Kaizen have successfully analysed our objectives, measured Expanda Van Homes’ potential for growth and propelled our efforts in our continuous improvement journey.

We have recently completed the recommendations made by Kreative Kaizen and are able to share our results which include: increased profitability of existing products/services, lowers cost of production and servicing, decreased employee workloads for undesirable work, eliminating of non-value added activities, improved employee morale / team spirit, improved internal communication, increased employee and process productivity, reduced cycle time and simplified processes and workflow steps.

We have no hesitation of providing this endorsement.

Nicole Russo
Managing Director


The Principle Consultant
Kreative Kaizen
24 Tatura Avenue
North Gosford NSW 2259

Re: Endorsement of Kreative Kaizen Services

WH Williams is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of custom-made metal products, providing a range of conventional and unique services such as laser cutting, bending and welding, to customers throughout Australia. We are known for our great efficiency, high quality and fast lead-times and can offer our expertise and assistance with designs and ideas, from prototypes and single items to larger runs and everything in between. Small or large production quantities are not a problem and can be handled with minimal setup time. We are committed to fulfilling customer requirements by providing excellence and attention to detail on all work performed, ensuring reliability and a high standard of quality and services.

Kreative Kaizen services is assisting WH Williams to build a framework to drive improved performance throughout the whole organisation.

Kreative Kaizen have provided a valuable service in matching WH Williams’ objectives with specialist on the job project based training that has aligned our development needs with the strategic focus of the business.

Since commencing the program, WH Williams has experienced greater employee ownership of their jobs which has led to productivity gains and better bottom line efficiencies.

At WH Williams we are happy to be associated with Kreative Kaizen and have no hesitation in providing this letter of endorsement for their services.

Allan Turner General Manager


Andrew Church Principle Consultant Kreative Kaizen 24 Tatura Avenue West Gosford NSW 6th July 2012

Hi Andrew,

I wanted to thank you for conducting the Kreative problem Solving course here on site at Harrison Manufacturing.

The opportunity to get staff from all areas of the business involved in the very important topic of problem solving was fantastic and we saw some great cross functional teamwork come out of it.

The way you presented the theory appealed to our staff, some of whom are not used to class room training and the use of multimedia added to keeping them all focused throughout the presentations.

During the group work over a dozen useful and realistic initiatives have been identified, some of which can be implemented straightaway.

This is not only going to save Harrison Manufacturing a lot of money, but it has also let to a general good feeling among our staff to be able to have a positive impact on the environment now and in the future.

Once again thank you for your time and effort!

Kind regards,

Frank van der Zanden
HMC Operations Manager



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