Questions We Are Asked

What outcomes can we expect?

We work with our clients to create an environment in which people at all levels have the motivation, the confidence and the skills to elevate the performance of their companies to world class standards.

Can Kreative Kaizen help us through the implementation of change?

We can offer our clients excellent support through the stages of implementation.
In fact, the majority of our contracts are won on this basis as few other consultancies seem prepared to see things through to the point where significant change has occurred and the client can continue unaided.

However, we do work on the principle that it is vital to transfer ownership of the process to the client’s people as soon as possible. To allow for this, we advise in the establishment of on site ‘champions’ – coordinators and facilitators. These people are trained by us and work with us through to our departure. They get to understand about successful implementation so that there is not a vacuum when we depart.

Can Kreative Kaizen help us to reduce costs?

There are two main steps we take in the work we do with our clients’ people. The first is to help them to understand exactly what the customers expect of them. The second is to help them to find ways of delivering these requirements more cost effectively than the company’s competitors. This second issue is very much about reducing non value adding activity or operational waste. As non-value adding activity in most organisations constitutes by far the most activity engaged by every company in the delivery of its products

What educational support can Kreative Kaizen offer our people?

We have developed unique programs to help people understand how to improve business performance. Many of these are simulation designed to develop an understanding of the ‘before and after’ effects of change. Some are based on actual companies and involve suppliers and customers in simulations of a complete supply chain. Most principle stages of a conventional business are represented.

Our experience shows that people learn best by physical involvement, by doing things. If the program structure is realistic, the lessons are memorable and the principles can be transported to the workplace.

When do front line operational people get involved?

We encourage very early involvement. Their failure to perform is everyone else’s failure. By working early with front line operators, we get to understand as soon as possible what others must do to ensure they succeed.

More than this, these people can make a very significant contribution to improve their own productivity and service efficiency once they are given the skills and the opportunity to be involved.
high degree of people involvement at all levels. Management must be prepared to answer the question, “What’s in it for us?”

What are senior management’s roles?

Senior management has several essential roles. It must clearly communicate its vision of what the company will become in the future. It must be prepared to provide wholehearted support and adequate resources so that commitment to the process cannot be questioned.

Kreative Kaizen’s business is largely about productivity improvement – doing more with the same or the same with less. In either situation, people’s jobs can be affected. Kreative Kaizen’s processes require a high degree of people involvement at all levels. Management must be prepared to answer the question, “What’s in it for us?”

What does Kreative Kaizen do with this information?

We prepare a plan of education and project activity designed to bridge the gap between the current status and the future goals of management.

What does Kreative Kaizen need from us?

We need to understand what senior management believes will determine the long term success of the business and what changes must occur to guarantee that success.

We also request the opportunity to make our own evaluation of the preparedness of the organisation to make these changes. We inquire into the pervading culture, the history of change initiatives, people’s reaction to involvement, management’s expectations and the general awareness about what has to change and why.

What change strategies are used?

Value Stream mapping
Operational waste elimination
Kreative problem solving
Break through thinking

Who gets involved in Kreative Kaizen’s business improvement projects?

This depends on the nature of the project. However, much of our work involves significant change in operating practices and work place culture. Such change can only be effected in our experience by involving people at all levels very early on in the process.

As we specialise in improving the ability of a business to respond to a changing market place, it is common for us to invite participation of external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers.

Who does the delivery for Kreative Kaizen?

We do not follow the ‘hunter/gatherer’ practices employed by many agencies where one senior consultant sells and juniors are brought in to deliver. Kreative Kaizen principals run each project, from start to finish.

What can Kreative Kaizen do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?

Consultants should only be employed if they can genuinely add value to a business. They may simply provide a temporary additional resource. Preferably, however, they will bring new experiences, techniques and ideas and contribute to permanent change. Either way, the results of their involvement must be quantifiable and should speak for themselves.

What experience can Kreative Kaizen consultants bring to our company?

We are experienced business managers with wide industrial experience derived from many, many assignments with domestic and international companies. These include both service and manufacturing sector companies, both large and small.

There is a growing worldwide recognition of the significant benefits that training in improvement methodologies can bring to all industries such as hospitals, retailers, schools, hotels, etc. We cut our teeth in the manufacturing industry and we are ideally positioned to help translate the concepts to other sectors.

What does Kreative Kaizen aim to do for its clients?

Kreative Kaizen draws the natural enthusiasm and abilities of the entire workforce to find innovative and practical solutions for business problems. We work with the client’s management to create an environment in which everyone willingly accepts responsibility for improving service value and efficiency for both internal and external customers.