This is a Half day workshop aimed at those who have little or no understanding of Break through Thinking philosophies or techniques. This workshop is suitable for attendees from all facets of an organisation whether it be the Operational, Administrative or Sales Marketing.

Attendees will learn through hands on simulations key aspects of Continuous Improvement principles.

There will be a follow up brief session to keep the team engaged.


Key topics include:

  • History of Continuous Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping introduction
  • People – the most important aspect
  • Voice of the Customer – workshop if necessary
    (Outcome – Link customer requirements)
  • Breakthrough Thinking Simulation
    (Outcome – gain understanding of Continuous Improvement Methodology, understand “Breakthrough Thinking” and Importance of Benchmarking)
  • Workshop the “Size of the Prize”
    (Outcome – use the benchmarks and workshop the benefits – quantify the size of the prize in dollars)
  • Cost of Quality
    (Outcome – full understanding of Cost of Quality concepts and how to apply them)



Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of not only what Continuous improvement is really about but how it can be applied in their own work environment. How the world is changing and we need to be a part of that moving target.

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