KK Integrated Business Improvement Certification Program

(Creating a Lean and Agile Business Environment)

Why You Should Attend

Continuous Improvement Methodology is an endless journey, but where does it begin?

Kreative Kaizen Courses also known as Lean, and is fundamentally the pursuit of identifying and eliminating all of the waste in business processes. It is worth noting that by business processes we are including all business processes.

Many of the so called Lean tools and concepts seem simple and straight forward. In fact most of them have been known for many years, some even thousands of years. However, standalone tools are useless unless they are integrated into your overall business objectives.

The Kreative Kaizen Integrated Business Improvement Certification Program has been designed by practitioners, Lean leaders and academics as a beginning to the endless pursuit of continuous improvement. You will learn about the tools, and more importantly, learn how to apply the principles to drive business processes and ultimately business results. The program is designed to go further than just a discussion of lean or continuous improvement but to rather incorporate all of these concepts and the concept of agility which refers to the ability to respond rapidly to unpredictable changes in demand. This is more and more becoming a feature of business life and the company that can combine lean/continuous improvement with agility will have a significant competitive edge.

Each phase of the program will include both classroom study and practical exercises delivered by recognized industry experts. Each phase is designed to help you build an understanding of the Kreative kaizen Lean tools and how to apply them to various business processes. Most importantly, the program will help you manage the magnitude of cultural change which automatically accompanies any Lean conversion process.

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